The Family Dollar Distribution Center Development in St. George, Utah

The Family Dollar Distribution Center Development in St. George, UT

Family Dollar Stores, one of the biggest chains of variety stores in the United States, has announced in March 2012 that they are planning to construct a distribution center in St. George, Utah, right in the area near the Ft. Pierce Industrial Park. This Family Dollar Distribution Center Development in St. George, Utah is said to cost around $80 million and comprises of highly automated facility that is scheduled to be completed by the end of January 2013. The shipping facility of the distribution center is set to be constructed starting July 1, 2013.

Family Dollar Distribution Center ConstructionConstruction Schedule

According to Brad Meyer, the project superintendent of Family Dollar Distribution Center construction in St. George, Utah, the first phase of the construction was set to begin by December of 2012. They have asked the conveyor company to begin the construction and they indeed started on schedule and will have to start with the phase two construction soon and eventually finish up the entire project by the end of January 2013. By mid April 2013, the distribution facility will start to operate and they will have the final turnover by the end of June 2013.

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Employment Opportunities

It is expected that the employment opportunities will increase in the area of St. George as a result of the Family Dollar Distribution in St. George. And indeed, as early as now, the Family Dollar Stores Inc. is accepting online applications, from the management position down to the staff and maintenance position. Currently, they are in need of production team members and will be posted by mid January 2013.

By January 2013, the company’s human resources management will be at the facility and will conduct initial interviews for some applicants. The available positions will have to be filled on a staged process and will start in January and will run through March of 2013.

Economic Development

The construction of Family Dollar Distribution Center Development in St. George, Utah will indeed boost the economy of Saint George including the nearby areas. Although the Family Dollar Inc. has yet to release information on the number of jobs they can provide and how much they are expected to spend for employment opportunities, economists have predicted that this project will indeed improve the economic situation of the region.

According to the statement released by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development as well as the Family Dollar Stores Inc., the company is looking into the possibility of hiring about 450 new full time employees to help facilitate the Family Dollar Distribution Center Development in Southern Utah. Furthermore, about 300 to 350 positions are expected to be filled in by the next few months. Given this economic development in St. George, it is therefore an excellent choice to settle in this area of Utah if indeed you are thinking of relocating. This distribution center project of the Family Dollar Stores Inc. will certainly help to boost up the economy, making St. George an ideal place to invest on properties and settle until retirement.


Family Dollar Distribution Center Construction Development in St. George, UT

Allen M. July 2, 2013 at 10:44 pm

Am looking for a supervisor position. Am currently employed & well qualified. I’ve heard lots of good positive things about family dollar as a company & a distribution. I have interest in wanting to come in & apply & hope I can become a new member of an employer.

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