SGU Replacement Airport Construction Designers Vision

November 25, 2008

The designers for the new terminal for St. George were impressed by the transformation from pioneer days to modern St. George, as expressed in the poem Dixie Pioneers by Andrew Karl Larson. The poem begins “They came, and left their loved ones far away, Broke paths where human feet had seldom been, Made glad the desert, tamed the river’s sway”. The design for the building reflects the sense of retreat from the harshness of the climate that has been tamed by the people of St. George.

The exterior reflects the buildings of the city, with red sandstone highlights and windows letting in daylight but protected from direct sunlight by large overhangs and special treatments. The façade palette includes the reds, light greens, and tan colors of southwestern Utah.

The interior design is inspired by St. George’s landscape, tradition and history. It incorporates a large canyon-like space connecting the land side and the air side, with layers of warm wood panels and a clerestory window letting in light form the top. This interior canyon is a direct reflection of Snow Canyon, Zion and Bryce Canyon A special large window will give an exterior view to Pine Valley Mountain. The interior will also feature photographic views of the natural features of the area in glass partitions. Local art and images will be incorporated throughout the interior.

Reynolds Smith & Hills, Inc.
Martin J. Wander, AIA, Vice President

We’re guessing they did a bit of fishing after completing the airport.


SGU Replacement Airport Construction Designers Vision in St. George, UT

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