Crossroads at Dixie Center Shopping Center Development

Crossroads at Dixie Center Shopping Center DevelopmentCrossroads at Dixie Center Shopping Center Development

Certain developers are said to be thinking about purchasing the 23-acre land area near the Dixie Center and are trying to win the hearts of business establishments in the area to allow for the building of this certain project. This Crossroads at Dixie Center Shopping Center Development is set to become one of St. George’s largest retail projects ever made in the recent years. The developers are said to have already created a name for this project.

The Agreement

This Crossroads at Dixie Center Shopping Center Project is expected to become one of the biggest projects in the city of St. George in Utah and the agreement would entail selling a vast 23.86 acres of land area for a whooping $7.458 million, to be bought by the Boyer Company, the company behind the construction. They’re hoping the new shopping location will rival the St. George Outlet Mall Stores in retail popularity.

The land area is situated in the latest interchange section near Dixie Drive, which is in between the Riverside Drive as well as the Highway Interstate 15. This area is also in adjacent to the Dixie Center. The Boyer Company, the same company behind some of the biggest projects in Utah, was given until April of this year to proceed with the purchase of the said property.

All about St. George Utah

The Dixie Center Shopping Center Development project can certainly help to boost up the economy of St. George, Utah. As you know, a big part of the city’s economy mainly comes from tourism; thus, millions of tourists are flocking to the city yearly to witness the beautiful views of the Grand Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park and several other state parks as well as recreational areas nearby. With this, a great number of tourists are expected to gather at the new shopping center which could greatly help in the commercial economy of the city.

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What Comprises the Project?

The developers behind the Crossroads at Dixie Center Shopping Center Development project have said that aside from a shopping complex and some commercial centers, the project will also include business pads, several restaurants, entertainment complex, gas station, convenience stores, a water park and two hotel buildings. A lot of meetings and discussions were already conducted for this Crossroads at Dixie Center Development project and some potential tenants have even taken part in these meetings. Among the tenants are the Hyatt Place hotels, Cowabunga Bay water park and Larry H. Miller Megaplex, although no official contracts have been completed and signed as of yet.

As you can see, the Crossroads at Dixie Center Shopping Center Development project is not just a small project, but it is something big that it is expected to greatly boost up the economy of St. George Utah. Furthermore, employment opportunities are expected to surge as well, and in fact, business owners are now looking into the possibility of hiring employees as early as now. Investors for the project are confident that this project will turn out a success given the number of tourists that visit the beautiful city of St. George, Utah all year round.


Crossroads at Dixie Center Shopping Center Development in St. George, Utah

Bill Hobson January 25, 2015 at 11:52 am

As a former city of St. George planning commissioner as well as an active member of our real estate development community, (current President Elect of the Washington County Board of Realtors). A quality project like the proposed Cross Roads Center Development at the Dixie Center/Dixie Drive exit of I-15 is a welcome development. Quality shopping, hotel loging, restaurants, and a water park are a natural fit for this location.
In fact, the Utah Association of Realtors, (UAR) has just approved scheduling the State Wide UAR convention for 2016 and 1018 in St. George at the Convention Center.
I am often asked by our younger demographic members and vistors to the St. George area, what will drive development of a water park in the St. George area as it seems like a natural place for one to be located? I respond the obvious, numbers, not only for that particular feature, but for all development. I trust if a water park can be economically successful in remote regions of Idaho for instance and a short season in the SLC/Utah Valley locations, such a facility would do very well here.
I whole-heartedly support the developer(s) as well as the City of St. George and it’s economic development association team.
I’m quite certain that the community at large as well as the millions of visitors who traverse I-15 each year to visit the National Parks and almost always make a stop in St. George will more than likely be patrons of the shopping, dining, convention and recreating attractions built and to be built.

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